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Since Checksix first went online in 1997 many things have changed, digital photography has revolutionized the web, the speed of the Internet has multiplied considerably and state of the art web editing software now offers possibilities only dreamed of some 15+ years previously. Sadly though, what has also changed within this short period of time is not only the number of aircraft attending an airshow (it used to be up to 400+ aircraft at a single event!) but also the quality. By reading our archieved articles you can still get a feeling of what is was like to be in the presence of classics such as the Grumman F-14 Tomcat as it thrills an airshow audience!

Unfortunately, we cannot put all our older articles and reviews into our Archive section, but we have included some of the more exciting and thrilling shows. Have a look!

AIAS 2015

USAF Golden Jubilee - Nellis AFB

For many tourists visiting the USA the City of Las Vegas is at the very top of their must-see list. This surreal, artificial creation in the middle of the Nevada desert ... read more


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