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SAAB 75th Anniversary
NATODays 2012 - Ostrava
NATODays 2012 - Ostrava

SAAB 75th Ann. - Linkoeping / SE

When you think of Sweden, then we generally think of five things; Pippi Longstocking, the Nobel prize, Ikea, Volvo and SAAB (the order is chosen randomly). The ... read more

NATO Days 2012 - Ostrava / CZ

On the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of September 2012 (for the 12th time now), NATO Days was held on the grounds of the airport of Ostrava-Mosnov. This event ... read more

MFG 5 Flyout - Kiel-Holtenau /FRG

When the German Federal Army (Bundeswehr) was founded in 1955 it was also planned that independent Naval aviation units would exist. According ... read more


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