_RK_1507_210x280The 2017 show season is over, the next is already ahead! When I look back to last year I am very happy on one side, but a bit sad on the other. What makes me happy? Well, first of all I am happy that I was able to cover the AVIASALON (MAKS-2017) in Zhukovsky, which was a great event for me. I spent their almost two weeks - full of stunning displays, lots of things on my to-do-list (the museum at Monino and of course the new PATRIOT PARK (near Kubinka AB) and, especially enjoying a few beer with some long-term friends I met again on this event! The next (happy) thing came completely unexpected and was an absolute great pleasure: the story about the F-104 restoration in Norway. Via facebook I became aware of this project. Together with a good friend we contacted the Friends of Starfighter and planned a short trip to Bodo/Norway. On a cold, rainy day in August we arrived there and met a very special bunch of people - Helge Andreassen and his comrades. Listening to their stories and their experience was an absolute fantastic experience I do not want to miss!

Well, this was the fine part, not so fine was my lack of spare time this year for doing anything related with aviation. My personal workload did not allow me to cover such great events like the SIAF at Sliac or some other fantastic shows. This is the reason why we do not have that much on offer for 2017. But - the New Year has arrived and I do hope, that my planning for 2018 is much better than last year. What is on my/our radar screen? If everything goes according to plan I will be able to cover some interesting events in Scandinavia (RDAF Open Day in Aalborg, Sola Airshow in Norway, the 100th Anniversary of the Finnish Air Force in Jyvaeskylae, some events in Poland, some in Slovak Republic and - with a little luck, some event in Russia and of course a few smaller events anywhere in Europe). Ok, that sounds a lot and for sure I do not know if I will be able to cover all of them, but - just let me dream:-)

In this case I want to wish all our readers not only a Happy and very successful New Year, but also a great Air Show season 2018! Hope to see you somewhere, somewhen!

Rob Kysela / CHK6

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